Testing our Environment – part 4

To run the program from eclipse first select from the menu bar ‘Run-Run Configurations’.  This opens the configurations dialog box for running applications.

Figure 6 Run Configuration
Figure 6 Run Configuration

Select the Java Application ‘BuildAnApp1’ and from there click the ‘Run’ button at the bottom of the dialog box.  There is a much simpler method of running the code but we will use this dialog box later to configure our run options so this is an opportunity to introduce this method.

Pressing the run button closes the dialog box.  The program should write to the standard output device which within Eclipse is the console.  The console by default is one of the tabs at the bottom of the eclipse application window.

Figure 7 Console output
Figure 7 Console output

So Eclipse is working correctly now let’s check our external setup.

Testing our Environment – part 4

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