Java Executables

One of the challenges when writing Desktop applications in Java has always been deployment.  The write once run code anywhere concept has always been attractive but it has been the running of the code which has traditionally been the stumbling block.

Over the years there have been many solutions developed to overcome these challenges.  Initially there was Continue reading “Java Executables”


A basic Application to get started – part 1

What is our code doing?

Now you may be thinking that we have just completed a basic application in the previous section and whilst that is true, that was all about proving our environment works.  Now we are going to assume our tools work and take a look at building our application.

As any experienced developer will tell you, when things go wrong with your application, it’s too late to wish you had some information to tell you what is going on; develop a strategy for capturing what your application is doing behind the scenes and implement it throughout your code.

For this application we are going to use a log file to write out what’s going on, more specifically we are going to use Log4J that we downloaded earlier. Continue reading “A basic Application to get started – part 1”

A basic Application to get started – part 1

Testing our Environment – part 5

Having tested our code in Eclipse and proved it works there we now need export our code to the file system.

To get our code out of Eclipse we will export the files from Eclipse to our file system. Continue reading “Testing our Environment – part 5”

Testing our Environment – part 5