Installing JGoodies Forms and Binding

As JGoodies provides both the Bindings and Forms libraries we can download these both from the same site.

  • Open a browser and go to ‘
  • Select ‘Download and choose ‘Java Libraries
  • From the list of java libraries select and download ‘JGoodies Forms’ and ‘JGoodies Bindings’.  For this program I will be using Forms 1.7.1 and bindings 2.9.1.
  • Open each package in turn, locate the Java ARchive (JAR) file (‘jgoodies-binding-2.9.1.jar’ and ‘jgoodies-forms-1.7.1.jar’) and copy these files.

We are going to place a copy of the JAR files into the ‘plugins’ directory of the Eclipse installation.  Locate where you installed Eclipse and find the subdirectory ‘plugins’.  Copy the JAR files into this directory.  This will make it easier when we come to add these into our program.

Installing JGoodies Forms and Binding